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Bring your loved one home to Kaiwalagal Torres Strait

Many of our people have moved to the mainland over the years and would like to return home when it comes time to be laid to rest. It is important that health regulations are followed in these transfers.

Whether your loved one has a short way to travel or far distances, we can provide you with advice and make all necessary arrangements to ensure a smooth transfer to the chosen destination.

Repatriation » repatriation
Repatriation » repatriation

Transfer your loved one to their home

Kaiwalagal Torres Strait has become home to people from many cultures and is a popular tourist destination.
It is understandable that some who pass away in our region choose to be returned to their place of birth for their final rest.

Our Funeral Director is experienced in arranging interstate or international travel for your loved one, with a respectful and safe return to their final destination.